SINO American Oil Corp, (SINO)

About us

Sino American is committed to the long-term sustainable development of our resources and investment in the communities where we intend to operate.  

Our Priorities

About us

SINO American Oil Corp, (SINO) is an upstream oil and gas investor and an environmental technology provider, with a proven executive and operations team who provides an attractive risk adjusted return for our shareholders and strategic partners.

Our team and subsequent capital allocations are dedicated to acquiring high quality income producing predictable long-life oil and gas assets with a high percentage of proved developed producing reserves.

We are focused on partnership and investment opportunities in Canada and the United States.
Our prior investments and operations focused on the USA and can be found in our prior SEC filings at


Head Offices

2123 Pioneer Avenue, Cheyenne, Wyoming USA 82001

Investor Relations

(360) 361-8066



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